PestShield Rat Mouse Killer 4 X 20G
PestShield Rat Mouse Killer 4 X 20G

PestShield Rat Mouse Killer 4 X 20G

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Pestshield Advanced Formula Rat & Mouse Killer (4 x 20g Refill Sachets)

For indoors and outdoors around buildings only. Ready to use, no need to handle bait. Easy bite through pack.

Directions for use: Remove food which is readily attainable for rodents (e.g. spilled grain or food waste). Apart from this, do not clean up the infested area just before treatment, as this only disturbs the rodent population and makes bait acceptance more difficult to achieve. Use only in tamper resistant bait stations. Bait stations should be placed in the immediate vicinity where rodent activity has been observed (e.g. rodent runs, nesting sites, holes, burrows, etc.). When used for the control of mice, bait stations must only be placed indoors.

Do not open sachets containing the bait. Replace any bait in a bait station in which bait has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt. Where possible, bait stations must be fixed to the ground or other structures. Place bait stations out of the reach of children, birds, pets, farm animals and other non-target animals. Place bait stations away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs, as well as from utensils or surfaces that have contact with these. Place the bait stations in areas not liable to flooding. Do not place bait stations near water drainage systems where they can come into contact with water. When using the product do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands and directly exposed skin after using the product. Remove the remaining bait or the bait stations at the end of the treatment period. Search for and remove dead rodents during treatment, at least as often as when bait stations are inspected.

4 x 20g Rat & Mouse Killer. This is a Pestshield product. Ideal for Pest Control in the house or garden.


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