360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Vintage Gold
360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Vintage Gold
360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Vintage Gold

360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Vintage Gold

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These 360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Vintage Gold are one of our bestsellers due to their versatility and notable features. Ideal to drape over a tree, garland, mantelpiece, for outdoor use and so on.

They have a built in timer and memory function. The timer allows the lights to stay on for 8 hours and switch off for 16 hours. The memory function will then remember what time you switched the lights on, and automatically come on at that time every day. This is extremely handy as you won't have to switch them on or off at all.

They have a multi-function controller with 8 settings. These settings include Combination, In Wave, Double Chasing, Chasing/Flashing, Chasing/Wave, Slow Glow, Slow Fade and Static. Also they have a memory function, allowing you to set your lights to your preferred setting, just the once!

Perfect for inside and outside your home, all you need to make sure is that the transformer is placed in a dry environment, inside your home or outside in one of our weatherproof socket boxes.


LED strings with Timer - superbright, energy efficient, long lasting and durable
Fitted with a multi-action electronic controller with 8 functions including static
Easy to use push button Timer; press once for lights to activate
Available in different colours with green cable
Usage indoors and outdoors.

Controller to 1st bulb (M) 8
Distance Between Bulbs (CM) 8
1st to Last Bulb (M) 28.7
Overall Length (M) 36.7
Bulb Type LED
No of Bulbs 360
Bulb Colour Vintage Gold
Functions 8
Cable Colour Green
Timer 8hrs on 16hrs off
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