Panasonic 9V Alkaline Power BatterY
Panasonic 9V Alkaline Power BatterY

Panasonic 9V Alkaline Power BatterY

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6LF22 MN1604 Transistor

Panasonic ú 9-volt ú Disposable ú 1 battery

Panasonic Alkaline - 9v Card of 1 For reliability and length of performance, choose a Panasonic Alkaline Power 9V PP3 6LR61 battery. Offering a great power to performance ratio, the 6LR61 battery provides dependable power for a wide range of everyday medium drain electrical items from toys to home appliances. With a capacity of 550.0mAh and weighing 44g, this single-use alkaline battery can be used as a replacement for the MN 1604. At a standard size of 17mm x 48.5mm x 26.2mm, the Panasonic Alkaline Power 9V is a suitable replacement for appliances requiring a 9-volt battery, such as radio controllers, walkie talkies, and microphones. PP3 6LR61 batteries are also suitable replacement batteries in systems that use batteries to provide backup power supplies such as smoke alarms and alarm clocks. When using the Panasonic Alkaline Power 9V in a smoke alarm, as with any 9-volt battery, it is important to replace the battery every six months to guarantee performance. Designed with anti-leak protection, these batteries can be appropriately stored for up to five years with no loss of energy.


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