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Guerrilla Warfare - Barrage
Guerrilla Warfare - Barrage

Guerrilla Warfare - Barrage

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Feel the impact of the Viking God’s Hammer! Red Shot Bursting into Red Coconut with Timed Rain, Green Shot Exploding into Green Coconut with Timed Rain, Lightening Blue Shot Breaking into Red and Blue Peony, Red Shot Producing Silver Coconuts with Contrasting Red Stars, Green Shot Bursting into Golden Willow with Blue Stars, Red Shot Exploding into Purple and Green Glitter with Thunderous Finale of Crackling Tailed Comets into Crackling Chrysanthemum.

Shot: 103

Cat: F3
Duration: 1:29

Safety: 25m
Sound Level: High

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8U2d2XJMpI

10604 (N)

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